VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski also believes grandma Persa. The cruel life in Volkovo is the truth coming to light, Mickoski said, sharing a video of Thursday’s encounter between grandma Persa and outgoing Prime Minister and the Gjorce Petrov mayor, who accused her of being part of a political set up.

Watch the video that tells the great truth. In the year that was supposed to be economic, in which Zaev claimed that we were shining, in which the government with people’s money offers pink glasses every day and convinces us that they only exist, there was a bang and a return to reality. The truth about Macedonia is not the luxury in London, but the cruel life in Volkovo. The truth comes to light. And when you say this to the Prime Minister, he accuses you of lying, but the truth cannot be hidden. Volkovo residents dismantled Zaev’s pink image, and in the background in reality there is a difficult life. The things I talk about at events are the same ones that torment the real person and that we have to change together. We will bring hope and renewal to every single person. That is our obligation, Mickoski wrote on Facebook.