From my short stay in Hungary I could see that the main challenge for young people is how to improve the artificial intelligence systems and their application in everyday life. This 2021 they expect an economic boom, bigger than all previous years. There is talk of a new package of 5.18 billion dollars of cheap loans that will be available to domestic businesses as direct assistance to the economy, writes the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski.

Today I am in Ljubljana, Slovenia, late in the afternoon I will have a meeting with the Prime Minister Janez Jansa. The country is preparing for this year’s EU presidency. The discussions are focused on green policy making. Regarding healthcare, the Government of Slovenia expects 70 percent of the total population to gets vaccinated against the coronavirus by the beginning of the summer. Slovenia ordered 3,227,948 doses of vaccines. The world is moving forward in great strides!

And in our country the main thing is that there are no vaccines, except those that are to arrive as a donation, which is too small amount for the real needs. A patient was left without her organs, and no one has been held accountable yet. Police punish those who celebrate Epiphany, leaving the real criminals to roam the streets. Importantly, a new fifth set of measures has been announced, after the previous four did not have any real effect on the economy, except for the purpose for which this new package is, and that is bribery. Stuck between government contracts for private pockets, the mafia census and the sale of identity, as the country stands in the deadlock on its path to the EU, citizens are losing another important year of their lives waiting while the world is moving forward. That is why I say: Enough! Criminal politicians and incompetence must end. The future is ours and we will fight for it! For these and all future generations, Mickoski wrote.