The injustice, the bad standard, the poverty are things that are common to the people of all faiths, communities, citizens of our Macedonia. There is no progress as long as the government brings destruction, stimulates lucrativeness, and raises walls of division, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski wrote on Facebook after Monday’s Iftar dinner.

All people are tormented by the same issues, existence, insecurity and the stolen future. And the answer to this is not the orchestrated purge that which is to excuse from responsibility the person who brought the state to the edge, but change and renewal are needed that will truly move the country towards the EU, will provide a future, a standard, will bring success. The romanticism the government uses to court certain communities is not a substitute for the real solutions to the problems that these citizens have. I was pleased to attend the Iftar dinner that VMRO-DPMNE organized in Skopje for the citizens of the Islamic Religion ahead of the Ramadan Bajram holiday. We have been discussing the common real problems, the coexistence, the future that is now threatened, the progress that the country needs. To spread the values of mutual respect, tolerance and coexistence, the period of fasting, to bring happiness and joy, to jointly fight for better Macedonia, wrote Mickoski.