The first Ilinden is bright, even though the Krusevo Republic was bloodily suffocated, and the failure to free ourselves was the suffering that the Macedonians accepted and carried with it because they did not stop believing. And they knew that the fight for their country was worth it, and the success came forty years after the first Ilinden, realized in Asnom Macedonia, the Macedonia of Cento, of Petre Piruze, of Mihajlo Apostolski, a whole galaxy of heroes who raised their heads proudly high, when many told them they should kneel. But such a historical reader tells us that Macedonia and the Macedonians always, regardless of the periods of obvious weakness of the capacity of the elites to lead in the given moments, gave birth to individuals whose works echoed in the silent space of the harsh reality of the hopelessness of the nation’s spirit and reluctance to continue the fight. Those individuals made the difference from the rest and were the example in which the people believed and followed in the struggle to realize their own dream, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski wrote on Facebook.