There is no person that speaks well of Zaev and of his little helpers whose pockets are full of money from the state. The government is aware of this, so these days they have turned to bribery and that is a consequence of the only knowledge that they will lose the elections, said Hristijan Mickoski leader of VMRO-DPMNE at Thursday’s rally in Pehcevo.

He added the bribe they make, offering hundreds of euros for a single vote, that in Bitola black bags are in play, in Veles numbers are being counted, today we saw similar case in Prilep, he said, that Zaev would share a state assistance to selected companies from the people’s budget, these are the moves of a desperate man who is drowning in his own mud, according to Mickoski.

We do not have Spasovski’s police or Ruskoska’s prosecution in our hands, but that is why we have the people on our side, and bribery, if it is the disease of this criminal government, mass turnout on Sunday is the response. To come out en masse in the early morning hours, without stopping and to support the changes that must take place for this government to fall, Mickoski said.