The nation is happy…, we are shining…, we got the new candidate for finance minister, a successful person, in her mature thirties and a lot of successful ventures in the past, with a great personal portfolio, with some stolen ideas and quite by accident is kept in the MoI register as a perpetrator of a criminal offense… But the nation needs to be calm, here are the more experienced, now the Zaev Angjushev couple –  will help, whenever there is something to be signed, they are here to encourage our new minister, not to be afraid, because we are shining, so that we can shine with some credit and criminal decision even more. 102.5% same, as the then presidential candidate said before the first round of elections, then Zoran Zaev aware of the debacle he announced the operation “Purge” with a false self-confidence, after his policies experienced debacle and the state is led into the abyss, VMRO – DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski writes in his column for

The first victim of the purge was the professor (who by many was the weakest finance minister since independence), but that’s why we got a ministerial candidate who might be up by some 102.5% similar to the Zaev-Angjusev couple. And if there is a minimal dilemma, it will very soon become clear to her when she will have to sign those 125m euros in loans, budget rebalance, then some new loans such as a 500m-euro political crime project of the prince, so the new Eurobond announced at the end of this or the beginning of the next, the new budget… slowly pushing Macedonia towards the Greek scenario.

There is no sense when fear comes on the scene. Fear of justice. Aware of the crime, betrayal, corruption, shame and the sale they have been doing for the third year in a row, trying to save themselves, scared, under pressure they will trade everything that is not theirs, what is ours, of the people, of the homeland… And the second channel they will use operate is former UDBA installations and their servants in the right-wing (but I’ll write about this in some other column).

But with justice there is no compromise. And it is good to know those couriers who are looking for forgiveness for their businessmen. There is no forgiveness for crime no matter where the perpetrator comes from even for months now. In the first 100 days of the new government, we will show and prove to the nation before the citizens of Macedonia that there is no compromise with crime, that we can and must do better, and these people deserve it. And the servants and quislings of those UDBA installations should know that there is no trading with crime for political purposes as Dimitrov wrote recently, but responsibility before the laws and the Constitution.

The conclusion is clear – justice will not be served, they may have temporarily changed their clothing, but not their character. We are running the last round of the marathon, the goal is clearly visible, not to repeat the mistakes of both the distant and the recent past. I fully understand your revolt and desire to put an end to this political elite.