VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski addressed the Parliament today, before the vote in which he was elected Prime Minister on the helm of the new Government. Mickoski spoke to his critics from SDSM, who were accusing his proposed policies, especially on the disputes with Greece and Bulgaria, both from the left and from the right. Mickoski underlined that he will not accept the Bulgarian demands to change the Constitution, while he will use the “shameful adjective” imposed on the name of the country, as he is currently powerless to change it.

We offer you our hand, Mickoski told SDSM, as you should have offered us your hand and invited us to sit down and talk through the issues before you entered into such adventures. People who know me know that my word is worth mountains and I say what I believe in. I will say the shameful adjective in my oath because it reminds me of the shame you inflicted on my homeland. I will do all I can, that is in my power, while I’m politically alive, to correct this injustice. Unfortunately, at the moment I’m powerless to change it and I am forced to capitulate and say the shameful adjective which is part of the law and the Constitution, which as President of the Government I have to uphold, said Mickoski. Greek diplomats are closely watching the swearing in ceremony, after the diplomatic dispute that arose when President Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova did not use the adjective “North” in her oath of office.

Still addressing the greatly diminished SDSM group in Parliament, Mickoski said that his Government will use all its power to “bring something positive from the chaos that you imposed on us”.

I want to point out that over the centuries, the citizens of this country worked tirelessly and painstakingly for our independence, building bridges, factories, roads, schools and hospitals. In the most difficult times, they were always with their fatherland, sacrificing themselves, their lives and their time for her survival. From generation to generation, work and sacrifice were the beacons of our nation.  Today is the time to pay back this debt.  It’s time for the fatherland to work and create for our citizens – for each of you!, Mickoski said in his remarks.

He promised that even in the first 100 days of the new Government, the citizens will see new standards being set, with lower taxes, higher retirement incomes, the beginning of investments worth 200 million EUR in local infrastructure, fresh billion EUR injected in the Macedonian economy, free textbooks for all students, new foreign investments and serious fight against corruption.

Mickoski reminded SDSM that he retired two of their leaders, after beating the party in the 2021 local elections and the double election this year, and warned them that their new leader who is due to be elected at the end of the month may also have to resign after the local elections in 2025, and he laid the blame for the disastrous showing of SDSM on the concessions they made to their coalition partner DUI, who were seen as the stronger partner by the end of the term of the Kovacevski Government.. “SDSM is condemned as political party. You let yourselves be humiliated by a party whose officials were playing football in the Government buildings, over the Laskarci, Besa Trans, Tetovo hospital issues, where people were burnt alive. You lost because you allowed the barely of age relative of the leader of your coalition partner to purchase a shopping mall in downtown Skopje, you allowed them to drive the most expensive cars, while you betrayed the people”, Mickoski said, advising SDSM to change their officials, bring fresh blood and go through a reform that is necessary to that party.