During the televised debate with Zoran Zaev, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski was asked about the VMRO-DPMNE campaign video which showed two of Zaev’s closest supporters in the judiciary. After the arrest of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva for racketeering, Zaev has relied mainly on prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska and judge Dobrila Kacarska to do away with his political opponents, and VMRO noted this in its video.


Ruskoska and Kacarska protested their portrayal and Mickoski was asked if the party is pressuring them.

We have said what we have to say about Ruskoska and Kacarska. How is it that publicly revealed allegations of corruption on the part of Government officials just glide across them, but they react immediately when they can go after opposition officials. Stop focusing only on the opposition. This is the reality in our country, as portrayed in our satirical, British style campaign video. Do your job, earn your paycheck, Mickoski told the two judiciary officials.