Dear fellow citizens, today is a historic day!, said the president of VMRO-DPMNE and mandate holder Hristijan Mickoski before the beginning of the plenary session for the election of a new government.

Here is his speech:

The parliamentary debate begins, which will end the period of idleness, crime, bad values ​​and disappointments.

With the election of the new reform government, a new chapter for our country finally begins.

Macedonia is our home.

Our citizens faced many challenges in the past, but they were always loyal to the state and did everything to make it free, independent and prosperous. Although there were disappointments and challenges, the citizens persisted and proudly endured all the developments.

Now is the time for Macedonia to do more for every citizen. Every Macedonian, Albanian, Turk, Serb, Roma, Vlav, Bosniak and everyone else who invested everything for their homeland.

Macedonia should retaliate.
For you!
For you!
For all who live in this common homeland.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and solve the problems.

I call for unity and joint work.

For a new Macedonia, for the future of our children, for a better life for all of us.
It’s time to stand up, use our knowledge, our energy and our desire to change.
Let us unite in this moment of historic transformation.
Let’s create a society in which every citizen will be able to realize their dreams and live with dignity.
For you!