The Government is not the palisade it should be from all the illogical and assimilative demands aiming to cancel us as a nation and people who exist for centuries. I also regret that the Government refused my offered hand for national unity. And it becomes pointless to ask for national unity the people who are succumbing to any demand, just to save their offices”, Mickoski said on Wednesday.

“I declare the creation of a block centered around Macedonia’s most important interests, block that will unite many agents of change from all political parties and groups interested in Macedonia becoming a country for everyone, a country focused on progress. I declare a creation of a block that will offer a program and a vision, which will fight for the European values and for economic achievements. We must turn a new page of the Macedonian identity, of the people’s standard of living, a new page that will secure a genuine European perspective for Macedonia”, MIckoski stressed.

Each and every MP from VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition, Mickoski pointed out, has the unique opportunity to become a genuine tribune of the people, and improve the image created by various past MPs who made dishonest deals to the Macedonian people’s expense.

“I believe that this generation of MPs, along with the party leadership, bears the greatest burden not to succumb to the pressures to amend the Constitution, because we must not disappoint the people”, the VMRO-DPMNE leader said.