It would be good for the DUI party to spend some time in the opposition, after almost 20 years in power, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski in his 360 Degrees interview yesterday evening. DUI has become the dominant coalition partner under SDSM, and its people led the negotiations for the huge Bechtel highway contract, while leading the Finance and the Foreign Affairs ministries, and the party will soon be able to name an interim Prime minister

The composition of the future Government will depend on the outcome of the elections. Let’s see what the voters say. I’m for a party of a broad Macedonian national unity, because now, in this Government, that is what we lack. We have a Prime minister who does not have legitimacy from the people and a Macedonian party, if we can say that, which is a minor, subordinate partner, held hostage by DUI. It is time for DUI to go in the opposition, Mickoski said.