The leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, said in an interview with Deutsche Welle (DW) that the booing of the hostess when she started speaking in Macedonian at the Ohrid Framework Agreement celebration on Saturday was a big scandal and asked if the Minister of Culture was referring to this kind of celebration when she justified the spending of public money for party celebrations.

It is an event paid for with government money. At that event, the Macedonian language was booed, the same one that the Government is selling cheaply in the negotiations with Bulgaria. Is this the kind of celebration the Minister of Culture was thinking of when she justified the spending of public money for such party celebrations. It is a huge shame that there is no reaction from the Government. Politics is not pursued with nationalism. This only shows the division of society and the existence of two parallel worlds. Such barriers are built by the political elites of the government to make it easier for them to realize their personal interests related to business motives, while Macedonian and Albanian citizens sink into the artificial hatred fueled by the politicians, says Mickoski.

According to him, there is no room for celebration when the people are suffering and living in poverty.

It shows how artificial the celebration itself is, which is party-themed and exclusively for the purpose of the elections in Tetovo. We have a framework agreement, but Aracinovo does not have sewerage. We have a party celebration of the framework agreement, but Tetovo has no drinking water, Mickoski points out.

He adds that the Government and the Prime Minister are silent on all this, and the Macedonians, just like the Albanians, are emigrating en masse and emphasizes that these are the things that need to be changed.