VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told a rally in Delcevo on Friday that people decide on July 15 the future of Macedonia they want to live in, whether it will be a humiliated country or a proud country.

Therefore, he urged citizens to vote for the “Renewal of Macedonia” coalition.

Mickoski told citizens that for two and a half years VMRO-DPMNE has worked hard to get to the coming early parliamentary elections.

“We decided to work hard and thanks to the support you gave us, we got to the point where we can overthrow an anti-national government led by Zoran Zaev,” Mickoski said.

He added that there were less than five days for this to happen.

“We’re only five days away from the victory over injustice and humiliation, victory over those wasted politicians. We can see this coming since the first rally in Ohrid, and now in Delcevo. The Renewal is on its way. I believe in the power of the Macedonian people,” Mickoski said.

The VMRO-DPMNE leader spoke about the party’s election program which had been prepared by experts to bring the Renewal of Macedonia.

“We have created a 360-page program on “Renewal” where you’ll find something for everyone. You’ll find how how average monthly pay in Macedonia will rise 25%, how pensions will rise 20%, and go back to when pensions grew twice a year. You’ll also find how to get to four billion euros in investments, both domestic and foreign, and many more projects to improve the life of all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia,” Mickoski pointed out.