My homeland is Macedonia, and when making statements, my use of the name will not change. However, as a government, we must respect the laws and the Constitution. We cannot be offended that it is not part of the legal system, Hristijan Mickoski, president of VMRO-DPMNE and mandate holder for the new government, said today.

“No, my attitude has not changed. As you can hear, I always say Macedonia, and I will continue to do so. As a government, we cannot ask citizens to respect the Constitution and the laws while we calculate and have double standards,” said Mickoski, who was at an event in Tetovo.

He reminded that he had previously said he would not use the adjective, but as a government, they would have to respect the laws and the Constitution regarding the use of the constitutional name.

“And in today’s statement, you see again that it is so, and it will be so in the future because it is my elementary human right to call my homeland what I will. It is Macedonia and will remain Macedonia. But at the same time, as a government, we must respect the laws and the Constitution. The Rules of Procedure in the Parliament were changed last year as a result of the Jean Monnet process, and those changes are legally binding. This includes the part that refers to the oath given by the President of the Government, the members of the Government, the President of the Assembly, the Vice-Presidents of the Assembly, and the President of the Constitutional Court,” Mickoski said.

He emphasized that he cannot have double standards by submitting laws with the adjective that is part of the constitutional name, engaging in institutional communication under the constitutional name, and obtaining passports and personal documents like certain politicians who sunbathe in Egypt, at our southern neighbor, and pretend that it is not part of our legal system.