He added that corruption eats every free pore in society. It destroys all standards, creates decadence and becomes part of a culture of governance, where giving a bribe, giving a bribe is a completely normal and inevitable thing. On the other hand, the honest people, the majority of the people, who are honest, hardworking, and who have been dreaming for too long without realizing that real dream, are already tired of waiting.

I know the longing of each one of you here, but also the longing of thousands of others throughout our Macedonia who say this is the last chance for our country. Too many good people have already left the country or live a life of constant travel from their native land to their new country where they work and struggle. We must never blame these people, but the fault should be found in all those who said for more than 3 years that they were following the dream, but actually failed to build a free, prosperous and successful Macedonia, Mickoski pointed out.

Mickoski pointed out that with many divisions that are regularly the curtain behind which individual and often lucrative interests are hidden. With much sown hatred towards each other and artificial walls erected between real people to whom that seed of evil is served.

That seed of evil bore poisoned fruit. And they do it because they are afraid, because they know that if they are not in power, they are not worthy of privileges, and they have no added value in society. The people have lost too much, the matter is too serious for those who threaten to think that there is more to lose in a situation where we are all brought to the brink, to the line we cannot cross, and which comes down to this or we will not to be, or not, as well as the fact that we don’t have the choice, nor the luxury, to fail this time,” Mickoski said.

My goal is to overcome all divisions, to defeat all hatred and to face the sources of that evil with the responsibility that must be inevitable, absolute and non-selective,” he said.

He pointed out that the people know that for all of us there is one same sky under which we live, grieve and rejoice.