We must dismantle the mafia before they dismantle the state, we must preserve Macedonia before they sell out the homeland! VMRO is defiance, couch grass, bequest, obligation, duty, respect, said the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski at Friday’s car protest organized by the party in Skopje.

He pointed out that VMRO is their strength, but also their weakness.

VMRO are the Ilinden people, the Partisans, the Asnom people. Macedonia is also the sweat of the farmers, the cry of the youth, the will of the athletes, the hope in Europe. The love for the country from the defenders of the Constitution. VMRO is also waiting for a better future, but the unrest for freedom, justice and human dignity. If VMRO is our icon in which we believe, then Macedonia is the home, the temple of that icon, Mickoski wrote on Facebook after the protest.