VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski apologized to the citizens after the leaders’ meeting because instead of talking about people’s health, they were talking about elections.

He says they had many new legal dilemmas over the elections.

He also said he was disappointed with the report from the Commission on Infectious Diseases.

We proposed three dates, when we consider that the health of the citizens will be least at risk and those dates are not fixed, Mickoski said.

The end of August or September is the period they proposed for elections.

There was an ultimatum from Zoran Zaev, but we do not work under ultimatums, Mickoski said.

So far, there is no agreement on date for elections.

Mickoski is surprised how the Commission on Infectious Diseases gave recommendations for the door-to-door campaign, and gave a definition of large and small rallies.