The “Cash” affair shows just how much the justice system is corrupt, which is serving Zoran Zaev’s government and interests, Hristijan Mickoski said at Monday’s press conference, adding that we got politicians who are above the state, who overnight gain property worth millions of euros, and prosecutors and judges who took state money without any basis and brought no justice and defended injustice.

That is why, the VMRO-DPMNE leader added, the party demands:

First, an immediate and comprehensive investigation into the “Cash” affair, primarily investigating the work of former SPO prosecutors, as well as other prosecutors from the regular prosecution and judges who do not act or remain silent before the scandals and affairs. Also investigation into the way in which people’s money was distributed and abused. And why are they silent about dozens of affairs. That investigation should also be under the scrutiny of the European Union and international allies, given the high level of government’s incrimination in these processes.

Second, in accordance with the Constitution we will propose a law that will enable the verification of the origin of the property of judges, prosecutors, politicians holding public office. Let us inspect the origin of the property of politicians, and those who disproportionately became rich on people’s backs, not only to respond to fines but to return what they stole from the people to Macedonia’s budget in line with the Constitution. What was taken from the people must be returned. No one in this country can protect crime, and criminals to feel protected. Here I will urge the institutions to check me and my family first, but also do the same with Zaev, ministers, directors, judges, prosecutors. Anything that is indicative of dishonestly acquired property should be returned to the people.

According to Mickoski, this is the only way to get justice.

If this is not accepted by the Government and Zaev, these two decisions will be implemented in the first hundred days of the new VMRO-DPMNE government, after the early parliamentary elections on 12 April. We must move forward, and put an end to crime and corruption. The fight against crime must have no compromises. We will go to the end and we won’t, and we must not disappoint the people, said Mickoski.