VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said that before leaving for Paris, they had a series of meetings with SDSM to agree on changes to the electoral code. He said that before the visit to France, the last round of negotiations had ended where a joint statement and text had been agreed and only two things were unclear.

We took a position at the request of the SDSM negotiation team –  reach an agreement in your party, we will accept either of the things you agree on. Then they called us and told us that whatever we had agreed on they couldn’t accept it because it was too political for them, says Mickoski.

According to Mickoski, at the meetings it was agreed that there was no time for changes now that the parliamentary elections are approaching and a few more weeks are left for the interim government, and after the end of the elections it is necessary to sit down and negotiate to change the electoral model.

But this is not the first time, it has been the case with the law on public prosecution, so it is now, they have no strategy, they are confused, what I can really say is disappointment. And then I see him saying why we have submitted so many amendments. So who changes the Election Law three months before an election. In which normal democratic country that aspires to be an EU member have happened such things, said Mickoski.