Today we are here in Gevgelija to hank the people of Gevgelija for the support received by our candidate for mayor here in Gevgelija Andon in the first round, but also the victory of the councilor list that VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition achieved here in Gevgelija, said Hristijan Mickoski,  VMRO-DPMNE leader in Gevgelija.

To give thanks for the sincere support but at the same time reaffirm and confirm our views that everything we stood for in the campaign and everything we stood for in the past period will be realized and delivered to the people of Gevgelija. We are aware of the pressures, threats, attempts at bribery that the government is making between the two rounds here in Gevgelija, all those unprincipled offers and everything that is happening here in Gevgelija.Our message to the people of Gevgelija is that all this can be prevented only by mass turnout in the second round and support for the future mayor Andon Saramandov, said Mickoski.

According to Mickoski, only with a massive turnout can we stand in the way of the deviant behavior of the criminal and corrupt government that in the past 52 months has practically robbed, humiliated and belittled Macedonia, the Macedonian citizens and the people of Macedonia.

I want to convince the people of Gevgelija to be calm, to be peaceful, our goal is not political revenge, our goal is instead law enforcement, honest work, to create a new future together because everything that is happening in the past 52 months is the opposite of what which we advocate for, he said.