The leader of VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoskii once again pointed out the incapacity of the government to manage the covid crisis.

The incapacity of Zaev and Filipce to procure vaccines breaks records. Bloomberg has made an analysis and an interactive map to monitor the vaccination process so far. Macedonia ranks 118th out of 122 countries. At the bottom of the bottom. 5th place, but backwards. Shameful and tragic!

When people around the world read the analysis they will think that we are a country in sub-Saharan Africa, closed and isolated from the world, not a country in the heart of Europe whose neighbor Serbia tops the same list with 2 million vaccinated and almost 30% of the population immunized.

Everyone is ahead of us, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, not to mention Croatia and Slovenia.

Zaev, Filipce, aren’t you ashamed when you read Bloomberg, because of you our country is a mockery. Macedonia is at the bottom in terms of the number of vaccinated, worse than us are only Egypt, Uganda, St. Helena and Equatorial Guinea.

Montenegro, Slovenia and Luxembourg and Malta and many other countries are either smaller than us or the same size, and already have tens or hundreds of thousands vaccinated.

How can there be vaccines for the whole world, except for us! It’s all on you! On Zaev and Filipce! You are responsible for all the sick and dead from January onward, these are people who would not have gotten sick or died if you had gotten the vaccine on time. And you will be held accountable for their trouble! You will be held accountable for making their lives a living hell, Mickoski wrote on Facebook.