SDSM leader Zaev is also silent on Hristijan Mickoski’s proposal to introduce the Spitzenkandidat model in Macedonia, even though he proclaimed himself prime minister after the parliamentary elections, which is another confirmation that he is aware that he will lose the election and will try to hide behind parliamentary immunity.

Although it is unlikely that Zaev would “dare” to accept the model proposed by Christian Mickoski, if adopted, it would mean Zoran Zaev’s retirement from politics. It is already certain that on April 12, SDSM is leaving the political scene, and this is confirmed by the opinion polls, so Zaev is not expected to consciously accept to withdraw from politics on April 12.

The Spitzenkandidat, must not hide behind the defeat behind parliamentary immunity. And he has to leave politics, because citizens do not support his concept and policies. Zoran Zaev wants to remain MP so he can hide behind parliamentary immunity in the hope of being saved from justice. Zaev thinks that with parliamentary immunity he will not be held accountable for Racket 1 and 2, the bribes, crime and corruption that happens every day. But neither he nor anyone else from whichever party they come will be saved from criminal prosecution for the crime they have committed. Since after April 12 Macedonia must be a legal state equal to all, VMRO-DPMNE said.