They abuse the European Union to cover their crime, after being caught red-handed in their attempt to profiteer from a multi-billion project. They are panicking, so they make mistakes, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickovski stated on Tuesday party’s forum on youth policies that took place in Kumanovo.

He added that Dimitar Kovacevski is a scared man afraid to face his people, afraid of elections and of public debates with his opponents, and too scared to even submit his already signed resignation letter.

“They are scared, as much as the Prime Minister is familiar with the English slang word for courage. He is not brave, he can only be a coward. But cowardice and fleeing won’t save them from accountability. We will win and after that, they will face justice”, Mickovski said.

Mickovski sent a message to the current authorities that there must be accountability, a catharsis of the society that will purify it from the dishonest ones.

“We will start a decisive fight against the crime because we can’t allow the dishonest to be stronger than Macedonia, stronger than its people”, Mickovski said.