Toni Mihajlovski at the protest in front of the Ministry of Justice organized by VMRO-DPMNE under the motto “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people” said that now is the time for everyone to unite and oppose the traitor Zoran Zaev.

I am Macedonian, my country is Macedonia, the language I speak is Macedonian. These are one of the darkest days we have lived in, when we were forbidden to speak in Macedonian and to be born Macedonians. We do not even believe that a person can be so treacherous and his soul so rotten to sell his own people. Unfortunately, such a person was born among us and his name is Zoran Zaev, said Mihajlovski.

Mihajlovski pointed out that now is the moment when small interests should be forgotten and we should lend a hand regardless of the ideologies, philosophies, the language we speak and to stand in defense of the language and the state.

We are attacked by a domestic traitor, we need to get rid of that snake and continue to live proudly. We are here to call for unity, to stand together and to show that we are not afraid of Zaev. Let’s all go out one by one and not return home until he leaves, said Mihajlovski.