The convicted Sasho Mijalkov has not had any assets frozen so far and the competent institutions are yet to determine if and what should be confiscated.

But there is a long way to go, ie the Financial Intelligence Office is in charge of that. It should determine how many and what kind of accounts Mijalkov owns.

If the property is acquired in a criminal way, it will be confiscated but it is yet to be determined.

Prime Minister Zaev and Interior Minister Spasovski have different views on this issue. Zaev stated that there was a crime and thus a legal basis for confiscation of property, accounts and companies, but the legal basis for that fell away after he surrendered.

Spasovski believes that the criminally acquired property should be confiscated.

Should we focus, ie should the state generally focus on seeing what the property is and move on to the step of confiscating the property? – Yes, because if the criminally acquired property is not confiscated, then we do not have a situation in which we will have legal certainty. So what has been acquired through crime should be taken away in the interest of the state and the institutions should act in that part, Spasovski said.