Vladimir Milcin, a former leading protest organizer at the SDSM led Colored Revolution turned critic of the SDSM Government, lamented the rise of corruption and abuse of office in his latest interview. Milcin was a long time head of the Soros funded Foundation Open Society Macedonia and used the platform to organize protests against the former VMRO-DPMNE led Government, promising that under SDSM Macedonia will join Europe and will see a renewed push against corruption. Almost five years after the start of the Colored Revolution, Milcin conceded that there is practically no promise made then that was left unbroken.

Our slogan was “no justice no peace”. We did not get justice, and we didn’t even get what was supposed to cover up the lack of justice – the opening of EU accession talks. And if we do, who knowns how long will the accession talks last, given what is happening in this country, a dejected Milcin told Kanal 77 in an interview.

The drama director who turned against VMRO-DPMNE after being outed as a collaborators of the Communist era secret service in its hunt against dissidents, has loudly criticized SDSM over the imposed name change, but also the major racketeering scandal involving Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva. Milcin portrays the strategy of the SDSM party he supported so loudly as one where the call for justice for alleged crimes perpetrated by the VMRO-DPMNE led Government will be put on a back burner in favor of securing the accession talks.

But the people didn’t forget what was promised and even the promised compensation did not happen. The NATO accession does not compensate the betrayed promises. The lack of justice, the suffocation of all call for justice, the failure of the EU integration, this was not due to lack of preparation but a lack of will. We did not want to enter into a real fight for justice. Our greatest hope was the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Katica Janeva. But everybody now realizes that it is not just her racketeering scandal, there will be other scandals, Milcin predicts.