Director Vladimir Milcin, who was a key architect of the Colored Revolution which brought Zaev to power, strongly condemned the way in which he is running the country, with the rampant crime levels and corruption.

This situation did not begin under Zaev, but Zaev upgraded it. Macedonia is no longer a “nest of crooks”, to cite the novel from Gjorgji Abadziev. It is now a confederation of crook nests. Instead of going from socialism back to capitalism, we went further back, to what we can call capitalist feudalism. It open to debate whether we are still a state, this is more like a patchwork of feudal fiefs led by powerful party officials and newly minted oligarchs, Milcin said.

For decades, Milcin was head of the FOSM Open Society Foundation, lavishly funded by George Soros. This network of NGO groups was crucial in organizing the 2015 Colored Revolution that brought Zaev to power.