The member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, Antonio Milososki, said in an interview TV Sitel that Nikola Dimitrov and Bujar Osmani are two sides of the same coin, that for five years they acted cohesion due to career positions, at the expense of Macedonian diplomacy and it resulted in failure for the state.

Citizens rightly do not trust the Government or that distrust grows because its members inside the Government do not trust each other, what is surprising is how Dimitrov and Osmani managed to act cohesion for five years and have solidarity with each other, probably satisfied with what that they have official positions, and behind it to hide a big disagreement.

In my opinion, all those ministers who sent fake news from the government plane Zaev, Angjusev, Dimitrov and Osmani that Macedonia received a date for negotiations and manipulated the public, should not be part of the Government, said Milososki.

He says that both Dimitrov and Osmani have put personal interests before the state and their career is more important than the success of the state and they do not deserve to be in the Government, because, like the new prime minister, they have no legitimacy to be in the Government.

Regarding the meeting of the National Security Council of Bulgaria on the issue of Macedonia, Milososki said that the meeting in Bulgaria shows a high level of political unity, which we unfortunately do not have.

The meeting in Bulgaria of the National Security Council on the issue of Macedonia shows a high level of political unity in neighboring Bulgaria, which we unfortunately do not have. We, after long convictions at the initiative of VMRO-DPMNE, barely managed to pass a resolution in the Macedonian Parliament, said Milososki.