MP Antonio Milososki said that it is pointless to seek support for laws that have not been submitted to Parliament.

As a reaction to the request of the deputies from the government for support for laws to get out of the crisis and end the active blockade, Milososki said that it is frivolous to hold an extraordinary press conference of Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski on September 28, and until today there are no such laws in the Parliament.

In contrast to the government’s irresponsibility, we, as a parliamentary group, the next day on September 29, proposed a law to amend the Law on Energy, through which schools and public enterprises and hospitals would be on the regulated market, and we want to intervene as soon as possible, but unfortunately, the ruling majority, even though the law is only three articles, a week still does not deceive that the proposed legal solution of VMRO-DPMNE is being translated. In other words, it is procrastinating because the government is not able to submit to the Parliament the proposed laws for which Kovacevski said that they are urgent and require support, and there is not even a trace of them in the parliamentary archives. It is pointless to talk about laws that have not been submitted to the Parliament, said Milososki.