Opposition MPs within the framework of the 103rd Parliament session to vote on the proposals for dismissal of members of the Government and the election of new ministers said that they expected to hear from Prime Minister Zoran Zaev why the ministers were changed.

VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki said that in only one country in the world, Belize, the prime minister is also a finance minister, who is often associated with crime and corruption.

Only the Deputy Minister elected by Parliament is authorized not only to have a right, but also an obligation to replace the Minister of Finance in this case. Any signature of the Prime Minister on a document, decision or act from the Ministry of Finance will be an illegal signature, an unlawful decision and will be a crime. If the prime minister wants to concentrate power and be close to the money, then he should also dismiss Deputy Finance Minister Shiret Elezi. She is the only one authorized with all obligations and rights to perform the functions previously performed by the Minister of Finance, Milososki said.