The state is really put in an unenviable situation where we don’t have the luxury to divide, polarize, count on yours, ours, theirs, all possible resources need to be engaged in order to achieve certain goals and that is why it is a hand extended to those who are representatives and supporters of SDSM.

But that does not mean that someone who has made a mistake before the law will be protected from responsibility. If someone was a director, minister, official from SDSM and DUI, and according to material evidence it is proven that he violated the law, he will be held accountable in accordance with the legal provisions, pointed out MP and member of the IC of VMRO-DPMNE Antonijo Miloshoski in a guest appearance on the show “Sleep if you can” on TV Alfa.

Milososki continued and added:

“It will be necessary to make a strong dynamic of the work of the executive power and the Parliament together, because what worries us the most from the data we received from the technical government from the Ministry of Finance through the representative of VMRO-DPMNE, the Deputy Minister of Finance is that the state budget and revenues in the state budget is at a critically low level. Servicing of the basic services provided by these institutions has been brought to most of the ministries and institutions. “That will be the biggest challenge of the new government, how to cover the financial damage that was done by SDSM and DUI so that the budget can be restored,” Milososki said.

He emphasized that every minister and director of a larger state-owned enterprise, after entering the institution, should do a basic audit of the budget situation of the institution that he will manage and the current financial situation, no matter how bad it is, to share it with the public. Milososki pointed out to the fact that the Government of VMRO-DPMNE plans to allocate a good part of the budget to the municipalities with pre-prepared project documentation.