VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki said that there is on-going reconfiguring in the Parliament, with members from the ruling majority declaring that they have been misled by Zaev.

There are signals from groups in the Parliament, and from individuals who are not satisfied with the Government. Too much was promised and too little delivered by Zaev and they became aware that all of it was a lie, Milososki said.

VMRO officials have announced for months that they are in talks with dissatisfied members of Parliament from the ruling majority, which only has 61 votes in the 120 seat Parliament.

Milososki said that it is possible that the Government falls and a new one is formed through this splintering of the SDSM-DUI-BESA coalition, but that the most natural way forward would be to have early general elections. Macedonia is already due to have municipal elections in October and VMRO is calling for general elections to be held at the same time.

VMRO-DPMNE works so that this Government is replaced with a different one as soon as possible, and that Macedonia’s perspectives reopen, Milososki said.