In the past three years, more Albanians have left Macedonia than in the previous 15 years, not only because of failed policies but also because of great disappointment, MP Antonio Milososki told Minister Bujar Osmani during a TV debate on Alsat on Thursday.

I have a list of twenty people, Albanian, educated, experts, who were employed as doctors, colleagues of Minister Bujar Osmani, who worked in hospitals in Struga, Gostivar, Tetovo or Skopje but now left for Germany or Switzerland. And not because the cities had or did not have a trilingual board, but because they assessed that they did not have legal certainty and perspective. We have a government that promised life in Skopje, life in Zelino, life in Aracinovo, life in Kicevo, life in Bogovinje, and now there we see people with suitcases, with families and children, educated or less educated, going abroad every week and they do not return, Milososki said.