Former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki called on Zoran Zaev to resign in light of the prank call scandal where he discussed with a Russian comic thinking he is the Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko not once but three times. Milososki also called on Zaev to dismiss his Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and foreign policy adviser Dane Taleski.

Not only was he pranked THREE TIMES, but he violates diplomatic protocols for communication between countries, which undermines the secrecy of confidential information. This undermines the reputation of the country and the trust third parties like the United States, Germany, Greece, Russia, have with us. Zaev gives away confidential informations from Macedonia and is heard revealing the positions of these third countries with regard to sensitive regional and international issues, Milososki said after the scandal.

He goes on to ask Dimitrov and Taleski if they are aware about the protocols that include using the embassies and the foreign ministries to arrange official phone conversations, having the proposals archived and shared through the institutions.

Following the first conversation in August 2018 Zaev must have informed the Foreign Minister about the content and his adviser Taleski must have prepared a brief which could have been classified. The Foreign Minister is then bound to inform the President, our ambassador to Kiev, the appropriate directors in the Foreign Ministry, and possibly our top diplomats in Moscow, Berlin, Athens and Washington. If Zaev did this, our diplomats would have made a follow up with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, to act on what was agreed, and they would’ve easily determined that we are dealing with a comical prank or even espionage and the second and third conversations would not have happened, Milososki says, adding that what happened is a serious diplomatic scandal which can have serious consequences for the reputation of Macedonian diplomats and of our country.

In the hour long conversations, Zaev discusses rigging the 2018 referendum, offers a fake NATO Secretary General to use the Krivolak army range and agrees to pay a bribe of 100.000 EUR to the Ecumenical Patriarch in exchange for his recognition of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.