If Macedonia does not receive the date to open accession talks by Friday, both Zaev and Nikola Dimitrov should resign, said former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki. The European Council ends on Friday, and while some hope remains, French President Emmanuel Macron today personally came out in opposition to the request to open accession talks with Macedonia.

There is no greater news than that airplane picture, where Zaev, Dimitrov, Osmani and Koco Angusev were congratulating themselves on receiving the accession date – in 2018. Such behavior, such fake news, created negative response in Brussels and Paris. Zaev lied that we received the date last year, and now he goes to Brussels and asks them “not to turn off our stars”. This is the biggest fake news in the history of the Republic of Macedonia, Milososki said during a TV debate this evening, as the news poured in from Brussels and Toulouse, that Macedonia will not receive the date to open EU accession talks.

Zaev announced his resignation in case the accession talks push fails a number of times, including today in Vienna, but later today in Brussels he seemed on the fence about the issue.