Education Minister Mila Carovska today promoted a campaign for education in trades, which was put in place by the previous, VMRO-DPMNE led Government. Carovska encouraged high school students in Strumica to enter into trades schools and enter some of the foreign manufacturing companies opened in the industrial zones in Macedonia – another legacy of the VMRO Government which Carovska and her SDSM party strongly criticized in the past. Carovska now insisted that the few good economic results in this area are due to the work of the Zaev Government.

Thanks to the prudent policies to bring in foreign investment and the support for domestic companies to open new positions in manufacturing we now need to produce more competent employees to fill these jobs, Carovska said.

For years SDSM condemned the policy of bringing foreign manufacturing companies in Macedonia, insisting that this leads to low paid blue collar jobs. The five dozen companies who used the programs put in place under the Gruevski Government are now the backbone of Macedonian economy and the only growing sector.