Based on best practices from European countries from Scandinavia to the Balkans, and spurred by parents’, students,’ and teachers’ concerns about current textbooks, the Ministry of Education and Science is planning on introducing entirely new teaching materials in the 2021-22 school year.

Current textbooks, according to the official press release, have been repeatedly criticized for their quality, linguistic errors and inconsistencies as well as lessons promoting harmful stereotypes and prejudice.

Besides better textbooks written in collaboration with a wide array of experts, the Ministry says it is developing a thoroughly new approach to primary and secondary education, incorporating modern technology in information-gathering, teaching and learning.

“This idea came from many of our teachers,” the release reads. “It’s also one of the OECD recommendations regarding our country’s education system.”

To meet this goal, the Ministry of Education has formed a working group including staff from its Education Development Bureau and representatives of international organizations and civil society.