On Thursday’s “Click Plus” show on TV21, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vlado Misajlovski stressed that all the funds that could help should be reallocated and travels and lunches of officials have yet to be cut from the budget.

We have budget items for lunches, and travels of officials, we have a bunch of institutions that can be rebalanced right away and reallocate that money to the needs of hospitals and medical staff, to the business and the economy, pointed out Misajlovski.

He says the SDSM wants to hit the pockets of the citizens but will the ruling party officials give up their salaries.

In the Government there is no protocol or plan what to do if the crisis continues for 12, 18 months, our hospitals and institutions are not as ready as the European ones so we have to help in any way, because we must overcome this and Macedonia to get back on its feet, says Misajlovski.