At a ceremony in front of the Ministry of Defense, the newly elected Minister of Defense, Vlado Misajlovski, took over the post from the outgoing Deputy Minister, Tiron Jajaga. He promised to commit himself to the department and emphasized that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Army would reflect the state’s values, stating that, as a NATO member country, the Army is the state’s greatest ambassador. Highlighting the honor of managing this department, he acknowledged the significant responsibility, especially towards employees and active military and civilian personnel, whom he described as heroes ensuring national security. He indicated that reform processes would be prioritized, aligning with NATO’s capability goals, and updating the strategic framework to implement these reforms in key defense areas. These reforms aim to enhance the modernization processes of the Army, international cooperation, the human resources system, the education and training of personnel, logistic support, military infrastructure, communication systems, and cyber defense.

Misajlovski affirmed his commitment to stable and continuous defense financing in accordance with NATO decisions, including allocating 2 percent of GDP to defense. He also promised to increase capital expenditure realization and significantly reduce non-productive costs. To meet these commitments, he pledged active cooperation with the President, as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the leadership of the General Staff of the Army, and other defense-related executive institutions. He also advocated for enhanced cooperation with strategic partners.

Former Deputy Minister Jajaga congratulated Misajlovski, thanking him for his dedication and the Ministry’s staff for their cooperation. He assured Misajlovski that he is inheriting an institution with strong foundations and a professional team.

Misajlovski is currently the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE. His career includes roles such as advisor for foreign policy and international relations in the office of the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia (2009-2010), head of the mayor’s support department in the Municipality of Centar (2010-2011), State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2012-2014), State Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (2014), director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads (2014-2015), Minister of Transport and Communications (2015-2017), commercial director of Kendo 3 Ltd., Skopje (2018-2020), and a member of Parliament (2020-2024).

Born on January 21, 1985, in Skopje, Misajlovski graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Skopje with a degree in political science for international politics and diplomacy. He also earned a master’s degree in European international politics and diplomacy from the same faculty.