The Vice President of VMRO DPMNE, heading the list in the second electoral district, Vlado Misajlovski visited Tuesday the monastery of “St. Trifun” in the village of Kuckovo.

I visited the monastery “St. Trifun” in the village of Kuckovo, where I love to come whenever I have some free time. Here we all find peace of mind and gather strength for the challenges that follow.

Together with the MP candidate in the second electoral district Bojan Stojanoski, we determined that it must be invested in this place and make the monastery even more grand than what it is now.

VMRO-DPMNE is the guardian of the Christian Democrat values and that is why it is committed to preserving the historical wealth everywhere in the Republic of Macedonia.

Renewal is coming everywhere !, said Vlado Misajlovski in Kuckovo.