VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and MP Vlado Misajlovski talking about the tragedy in Tetovo in an interview with TV Sitel said that the government was trying to cover up the whole tragedy because it does not suit them to discuss it, so they will affect the investigation as time goes by, but, as he said, there must be accountability for the 14 people that were killed in the fire.

The Parliament can convene if there is a need for that, but to be honest the reality is that the government does not want it and does not want to hold a session, does not even want to have an Inquiry Committee. While we think how to get the Inquiry Committe to be set up, the goal of the government is different, Talat Xhaferi does not want this topic to reach the agenda in the Parliament at all, Misajlovski explained.

He says that VMRO-DPMNE is insisting on having the committees discuss the terrible tragedy that happened in Tetovo, because the goal is to find out what actually happened.