The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Vlado Misajlovski, spoke in an interview with TV Alfa about the current political situation in the country, the unstable parliamentary majority, and the non-procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.

Misajlovski emphasized that the Government and the Ministry of Health definitely do not know in which direction they are leading the country in relation to the pandemic, because every day we hear how everything is under control, and we have over 30 deaths almost every day, which is extremely devastating.

Zaev and Filipce give statements every day where they say that the country is handling the pandemic well, that there is no need for new measures, that Macedonia is one of the countries that best deal with the virus, and the facts say something completely different. The citizens are in uncertainty regarding the vaccines, the curfew, the measures announced at Filipce’s press conferences, and the government persistently assures the public that we are shining.

The citizens are completely dissatisfied with the measures taken so far by Filipce and the Government, because not only do they not result in reduction of the numbers, but they additionally test the tolerance of the citizens by locking them at home, while infected MPs leave their home and attend Parliament sessions, says Misajlovski.