Macedonia with this government is not ready to respond to another crisis in addition to the four we already have, given what is happening both economically and externally, and I believe that this government does not have the capacity to deal with another crisis, especially not on such a scale, Marija Miteva, member of the EC and spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE, said on TV 24, talking about the possible consequences of the events in Ukraine and pointed out that as a country we must monitor the situation.

Miteva stressed that the fact that the crises in Macedonia are coming quickly and last a very long time and while all countries are already doing analysis, our government is still not taking any steps, is concerning.

In such a constellation of events we can not expect that it will pass us by, and we see that other countries in the region and the world already make certain working bodies in which certain government officials are members, chambers of commerce, energy entities and make analyzes what are the expectations for 2 days, 2 months or 1 year and based on that they make their economic projections, said Miteva.