VMRO-DPMNE spokeswoman Marija Miteva announced that the party will soon reveal details about a major scandal involving the DUI party. This was first announced yesterday by party leader Hristijan Mickoski, who said that the planned 900 million EUR in new loans will go to fund a major infrastructure project, for which a DUI official has already purchased the large Beton construction company, and will end in the Albanian party coffers.

DUI is again the key player in this scandal, while SDSM are silent observers. The 900 million EUR are meant for a project that has long been announced by DUI. We ask if the change of the ownership structure of an old Macedonian company, now owned by a person close to DUI, was made in order to prepare for this project. This will bring Macedonia 900 million EUr deeper into debt. Kovacevski and SDSM will help push the country into debt servitude, Miteva said.

VMRO did not announce more details about the scandal, saying they will be revealed in the coming days.