For the first time this year the President will not address the Ilinden celebration at Meckin Kamen in Krusevo. He thinks the people are tired of being divided, but says “I want to de-escalate the usual atmosphere at Meckin Kamen, which is often accompanied by insults that divide rather than unite.” No, this usual atmosphere has been happening for the last few years and you know very well why this is so. Ilinden was celebrated proudly, with dignity, with many people and with love. Your distancing from the people speaks much more than any speech, Marija Miteva, spokesperson for VMRO-DPMNE, said at Sunday’s press conference.

Ilinden – the great Macedonian national holiday, which is celebrated on August 2 has a special significance for the history of the Macedonian people. The Ilinden Uprising marked a new phase in the development of the Macedonian national and liberation movement. This August 2, on this Day of the Republic, on the day that inspires and unites us, the President of the country will not give a speech at the event. After 30 years of tradition, we will see a new concept. Instead of starting in the morning, it will start in the afternoon, instead of a speech that will be composed of the past, present and future we will have silence, messages will be read and no vision for the Republic of Macedonia will be heard, said Miteva.