The Prime Minister should come up with answers, he cannot continuously defend himself by saying that he does not have answers and does not understand the questions, that he is not an expert in that field. Because during the period of his lack of expertise in all possible fields, we are in an economic, energy, heating, health, educational, environmental crisis, said MP and member of VMRO-DPMNE EC Rasela Mizrahi in tonight’s interview with “Sto ne e jasno” show on TV Alfa.

She added that we are in a state of government crisis. This leads to a crisis situation in the entire country, because this is a crisis situation of the Government where the Prime Minister cannot answer the questions and the government does not answer the questions.

The citizens are living the reality, which is the inflation rate that is happening, the lack of electricity and the constant tension that electricity will become more expensive, the question of whether we will have thermal energy, said Mizrahi.

Mizrahi emphasized that no matter what the Government PR prepares, people react according to the trust they have in the government itself. Citizens do not have trust, and you cannot command that trust, trust is created or lost, trust is lost. With that, we have an illegitimate rule of this government; they are not legitimate leaders because there is no social justification, and the citizens simply do not trust them.