The Foreign Affairs Ministry denies the information released by VMRO-DPMNE today, that the Ministry has failed to pay the healthcare insurance of its employees for three months now. The Foreign Affairs Ministry said that fake news was presented at the press conference of VMRO-DPMNE.

The salaries of the employees at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, as well as at other state institutions, according to the legislation, could not be paid without properly paid contributions for health and pension insurance. It is also a fact that the salary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is continuously paid regularly – the salary for June 2019 was paid yesterday (July 3, 2019). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continuously and timely pays salaries and all contributions to its employees. In order to confirm the fact that MoFA regularly pays the mandatory contributions, we direct you to contact the PRO, the Pension and Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.