The Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Minister Nikola Dimitrov in four days, during a period of a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, has spent million and a half denars on travels abroad, according to tables published on social networks. According to them, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with 1,457,517 denars is at the top of the list according to spent funds. Then comes the Ministry of Defense, led by Radmila Skerinska with 1,042,398 denars. A total of 73,475 euros were spent on travels abroad in the period between March 17 -20 this year. Where and with what they traveled abroad in times of crisis is an open question.

The amount of money spent on representation during this period is also high. According to the list, the institutions spent 50,053 euros at a time when Zoran Zaev, the leader of the ruling party, is proposing to cut the public administration salaries because of the coronavirus crisis in the country. Again at the top is the ministry led by Dimitrov – 1,100,058 denars, followed by the defense ministry led by Sekerinska with 361,183 denars.

On the one hand they spend 8 million denars in 4 days, between March 17-20 March for representations and trips abroad, and on the other hand they tell us we will cover travel agency arrangements and cut administration salaries, what does that look like? Do they think that in these two weeks of not getting off press conferences people will forget about these three years. Let them not be deceived, says Mickoski.

Sekerinska denied such allegations.