The Interior Ministry has released details and a video of the mass crackdown on 700kg of cocaine, in which Macedonian actress Silvija Stojanovska and her husband were arrested. MoI says Stojanovska is part of a cocaine smuggling group from Colombia to Spain, whose leader and organizer was her husband Vojislav Budisavljevic.

The Macedonian actress, according to the Macedonian and the Spanish police, who worked jointly for a long period of time, booked an apartment in Spain for her husband’s needs and paid it with her card, but also took 10,000 euros from an unknown person.

His brother, who holds Belgian citizenship, was also involved in the smuggling, as Budisavljevic is banned from traveling to EU countries.

Instructions and methods of smuggling were arranged at direct meetings in many cities including Skopje, but also through high-security internet communication.

EUR 850,000 was paid for the transport of the drugs.

The operation was carried out by police task forces in Skopje and in Madrid.

S.S. following her husband’s instructions booked an apartment and paid for it with her own card and traveled to Spain and took 10,000 euros from an unknown person. In a simultaneous police operation, people in Spain and Skopje were arrested and a van with 700kg of cocaine was seized, Minister Oliver Spasovski explained.

Everyone has been charged with illegal drug trading and placed in detention. Stojanovska was placed under a 30-day house arrest.