Naumce Mojsovski should immediately resign from the position of director of the Agency for Youth and Sports after the serious indications of a crime committed. Instead of hiding behind statements, he should leave his post, because from that position he could jeopardize the investigation into the malpractices with the distribution of vouchers for sports clubs.
It is a serious scandal because the distribution of vouchers turns over one billion denars and there is a well-founded suspicion that certain clubs were favored without clear criteria, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

According to the Anti-Corruption Commission, these funds were distributed under the influence of certain persons and even political parties, thus causing damage to the budget. Naumce Mojsovski needs to reveal to the public who those people are and who those parties are that were involved in the distribution of this billion.

If Mojsovski decided to remain silent, then the competent institutions should expand this investigation and see who is behind this affair.

It is obvious that this government is kleptomaniac. They steal from the money for health care, they steal from the money for education, and now we see that money was also misused in sports. This mafia government needs to leave as soon as possible.